Welcome to the Asia Pacific Conference on Curriculum Studies and Instructional Designing.

    This conference is established to provide international forum for the exchange of new ideas in the field of curriculum studies that have profound value to the dynamic discipline of education. Hence, it is the primary intention of this academic gathering to form a research nucleus that will bring together scholars, educationists and researchers across academic communities in the Philippines, in Asia, and possible around the world into one common podium.

Specifically, this academic event banks on its trifocal objectives to:

1. provide opportunities for sharing of ideas on emerging trends in the discipline that are significant towards relevant, responsive and appropriate 21st century education.

2. provide venue for both novice and experienced researchers to share their findings towards the further theoretical and practical developments in the discipline.

3. build network for scholars, educationists and researchers enhancing opportunities for collaboration.

    This conference is organized by the Curriculum Studies Area, College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman.